Our Mission

Soccer Genome aims to engineer elite athletes by teaching players how to apply and master the technical, tactical, mental and physical sides of the game. This goal is completed in conjunction with instilling sportsmanship and true character principles within each player, so they leave SG as a better player and person. 

We are convinced that every child can reach their potential and flourish as athletes and individuals with the proper communication, instruction, and application of knowledge. How is this achieved? By providing an encouraging environment that cultivates PRIME (Passion, Respect, Integrity, Maturity, Enthusiasm) in the character of each child through the integration and application of technical proficiency and tactical intelligence.

We seek to foster an environment of both intensity and encouragement in our training. Soccer Genome will focus on improving each player to become better on and off the field through our unique approach to training and constant character development. We know our training to be complete, intense, both technically and tactically sound, while still ensuring that each player is continually growing in their love of the game.


Ricky Chavez

Soccer Genome Student and Student Coach

Kylie Olexa

Soccer Genome Student 

Gabe Mercer

Soccer Genome Student

Trevor Berk

Soccer Genome Student