Individual & small Group Trianing

This training is based on your schedule and your child's needs. Individual and Small Group sessions will always begin with a basic training sessions. This will allow our coaches to find areas in each player's game that have room for improvement. After that, sessions will begin to focus on these areas of need. Each training session, the SG coach will be heavily involved in the training process; giving examples and even playing against their students as to push them to a higher level. Through a positive atmosphere and intense training regimen, your child should leave with a better understanding of the technical and mental aspects of the game, as well as an increased morale and confidence level. Training can focus on any area of need and can incorporate fitness and agility training. The increased ability to focus on specific areas of need and techniques will surely help your child improve while enjoying their time getting to know the Academy coaches.

Soccer Genome Academy 2016-17

The Soccer Genome Academy program is the primary platform by which we teach players the foundational principles of soccer. SGA is centered around a functional, progressive training curriculum that focuses on principles of play in a functional environment. Each component of the SGA will build off the previous lesson. Sessions will progress from foundational technical skills to intricate tactical concepts. From week to week, players will learn the technical and tactical principles of play that will be immediately applicable whether they are playing at home, at the playground with their friends, or with their club team. Once a child understands these functional principles of soccer, it will be much easier for them apply their technical skill in a game environment. and on the ball and learn knew tactical


This program will be designed and run by Jarrett Davis  and will implement reaction training and advanced footwork training. Keepers will be asked to work hard for one hour practices that focus on footwork techniques as well as basic handling skills. One of Coach Jarrett’s best attributes however, is that he finds ways to incorporate an intense training into a session that will be fun for any player in any skill level. It will be sure to foster improvement and a love for the game!

There are two separate goalie programs available. We have individual sessions that will be structured like all of our individual sessions. We also have SGK groups that training weekly which will be structured much like our Academy groups. You must try out in May for SGK.

SG Minis

Soccer Genome is proud to announce the growth of its programming. We will now open up our doors to the young and future stars of the NC soccer scene! SG Minis will be open to all kids between the ages of 2.5 years and 7 years old. The Minis program focuses on motor, social and psychological skill development along with teaching basic soccer techniques. The goal of SG Minis is to assist in the early stage of the development of each child. Structured play, a free flowing atmosphere within sessions and an incredible staff will allow kids to have a new and exciting environment to grow and learn as students of the game and life.