TrashCan Futsal League

Soccer Genome is excited to bring back old school street soccer during this winter season. We are bringing back the fun and fast-paced game of futsal with an SG twist.  The Trashcan Futsal League will adopt the same rules as futsal yet instead of 5v5 games with keepers, we are incorporating a trashcan! The 4v4 format leads to more touches on the soccer ball per player, quicker decisions on and off the ball, greater ball control due to the dimensions of the field, and higher chances of scoring. This fun twist will add to the excitement and uniqueness of the game and force players to adapt to a different style of play. SG is always reinventing new ways to train and play the game to maximize development and increase passion for the beautiful game. Enjoy some street soccer with us this winter! 

Age Requirements

18 years old and up




Soccer Genome

9101 Durant Rd

Raleigh, NC



January 8th - March 26th

Monday through Wednesday 9pm

8 Games



Indoor or outdoor cleats

Shin guards




  • 4v4 in a 15x25 yard pitch

  • 18 year olds & up

  • COED

  • Roster of 5-8 athletes

  • 2 X 20 min halves with 5-10 min break

  • Kick-ins

  • Three corners results in goal kick for your team. No corner kicks.

  • Ball must strike the trash can to score

  • Futsal Ball



  • Team Captains are responsible for:

    • Forming rosters of 5-8

    • Emailing with team name

    • Providing jerseys for the teams (SG has pinnies if that's easier)

    • Subbing players in and out

  • SG is responsible for:

    • One ref at each match

    • Equipment and field set up 

    • Scheduling of games (8 games)

Payment Information

Option 1: Online payment using the payment steps below. 

Option 2: Check payment. Made out to Soccer Genome. Brought/mailed to 9101 Durant Rd


Per Player Cost for 8 Games



Step 1:

Email with your team name.

SG will add your team to the registration list.


Step 2: 

Have each player on your team use the registration link below


Step 3: 

Online Payment

or pay by check! Made out to Soccer Genome.


Step 4:

Schedule will be released on January 3rd