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Soccer Genome training is unlike any other. Quickly you'll be accustomed to coaches actively participating in drills, older players coming to volunteer their time, and a worn out, happy kid on the way home. Below are our training options...

Individual & Small Group  Training

Individual Training is offered at times based on YOUR availability. Each session is specifically designed for each player, and runs for ONE hour per session. Coaches will work with students directly in areas of personal need. All the while, kids will compete with coaches and leave having had a blast!

SOccer Genome academy (SGA) 2016-2017

The flagship program at SG. Boasting the best coach to player ratio and the lowest price in the area, SGA is the best option for players of all skill levels. Over 300 students each week are improving through high level training, involved coaching and extremely creative and fun drills.

TRACk Out Camp

 SG has come up with a great program to push students of all skill levels and ages while allowing for fun times to be had by all involved.  Fun games and serious technical training will occur each week! 

Functional Mini Camps

Technical Dribbling. Defending Camp and Finishing Camps! An easy way for players to find an hour and a half of focus in an area of need. At the end of each session, coaches will jump in for a scrimmage!


SG offers individual sessions for goalkeepers and SGK groups that training weekly which will be structured much like our Academy groups. The coach will include all types of training like footwork to allow for proper technique with each save and  reaction training that will improve a keeper’s hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

SG Minis

SG Minis will be open to all kids between the ages of 2.5 years and 7 years old. The Minis program focuses on motor, social and psychological skill development along with teaching basic soccer techniques. The goal of SG Minis is to assist in the early stage of the development of each child. 

GFFL - Summer 

The Genome Foundation Futsal League guarantees the improvement of 1v1 attacking principles, quick ball manipulation and patient defending that they will be able to transfer over to their club games. This futsal league will provide a competitive environment while allowing kids to enjoy their time away from their club teams. As well, the proceeds from this league will benefit kids who cannot afford tra

Middle & High School Summer Camp

This a great way to go into a new season full of confidence with polished technique and understanding of the game. On top of that, our athletes will have a day to compete against one another, while coaches focus on the principles taught in the previous 3 days. This camp will be run by multiple JV and Varsity coaches in the area! 



Summer Academy

This program will  resemble the normal SGA format. However, the lessons will be condensed down to two months. Over the course of the summer, students will go through intensive technical training while allowing kids to enjoy the summer months.

SUMMER 3v3 Tournaments

SG will be putting squads together and coaching previously formed teams this summer at a number of 3v3 tournaments around the Triangle! Our aim for these tournaments is to compete while keeping the kids’ time fun and energetic.