Summer Academy


June 4th - July 31st

Full Schedule Below


This program will  resemble the normal SGA format. However, the lessons will be condensed down to two months over the summer. As well, the groups will be a bit larger, containing everyone from one age group of players. Over the course of the summer, students will go through intensive technical training while allowing kids to play and enjoy their summer months.



Taylor Pilkington and Michael Cantrell (see staff page) will be at most Summer Academy sessions. Our aim at Soccer Genome is to have at least two coaches in groups of 10 or more. We feel that this is necessary in order to truly commit time and attention to each individual player. We will find areas of need in each player so please feel free to come talk with us about this and we will be able to communicate these areas to you along with ways to improve. Our main goal at Soccer Genome is to instill a love and passion for the game that runs deep in each of our coaches. Through the positive and fun attitudes of all of our coaches, this feeling will grow and will lead to the best learning environment possible. We feel that this form of learning creates the most growth in each player and we hope that you see this improvement over time.

General Structure

  • There are no tryouts for this program

  • Register for the age group that your child will be placed in during the Fall 2019 season

  • u7-13: All athletes must register, even those who attended the Academy program in 2018/19

  • u14&up: No need to register unless you are new to the program or your child is new to the u14&up age groups

  • SG Premier Information (u14/15)

  • SG ELITE Information (u16&up)

  • Weekly SGA Sessions will train 4 times each month. Same time, day and location

  • Each SGA group will be capped at 20 kids. Groups of 10 or more will have 2 coaches

  • Each SGA group will be divided by age and gender

  • No games just functional training each week

The Process

  • Register below!

  • Training fees will be due at the first session.

  • Come out to training! 



Birth Year    Age Group

2013           u7

2012           u8

2011           u9

2010           u10

2009           u11

2008           u12

2007           u13


We will have free Summer Academy t-shirts for all participants!


Mid Season Acceptance

We will allow players to join mid-season, but cannot guarantee certain groups will have openings. If you would like to join mid season please fill out the registration form below and we will email you with possible times for your child to train.



No Training on these dates:

July 1st - July 5th


If you have a team that has been previously formed but would like to have SG train and coach that team in the Academy program, please contact

Payment Information

Option 1: Online payment using the payment steps below

Option 2: Check payment. Made out to Soccer Genome. Brought/mailed to 9101 Durant Rd

*If you would like to pay by check, all payments must be made up front for the months you register for.



Enrollment Options

Full Summer:

June - July: $150


Partial Enrollment:

June: $80

July: $80

Step 1:

Step 2:

Enrollment Options

or pay by check! 


Step 3:

Come out to training!