This program will be designed and run by Jarrett Davis  and will implement reaction training and advanced footwork training. Keepers will be asked to work hard for one hour practices that focus on footwork techniques as well as basic handling skills. One of Coach Jarrett’s best attributes however, is that he finds ways to incorporate an intense training into a session that will be fun for any player in any skill level. It will be sure to foster improvement and a love for the game!


There are two separate goalie programs available. We have individual sessions that will be structured like all of our individual sessions. We also have SGK groups that training weekly which will be structured much like our Academy groups. You must try out in May for SGK.


Individual Training

  • There are no make up sessions. You will attend a group session if you cannot make a session.
  • If there is a cancellation, parents must let us know via email 24 hours before your session in order to be allowed time in our Academy program. If you do not give the 24 hours to fill the available slot, then this will count as a completed session.

  • Soccer Genome Academy Schedule

  • Please check your email before leaving for your session.  If we need to change/cancel a session we will let you know by email.

  • While the majority of your sessions will be with the same coach Soccer Genome reserves the right to switch the coach if needed.




  • 4 pack of sessions $240. ($60/session)

  • 10 pack of sessions $600. ($60/session)

*Invoice will be sent once sessions have been scheduled! Register below.


SGK Individual Training Registration

Group Training

  • Sundays --> 4pm: u12 and younger, 5pm: u13 and up
  • Weekly SGK Sessions will occur 4 to 5 times a month depending on the month

  • Each SGK Group will consist of 4-6 kids

  • SGK Groups will meet from August until May of the next year at a set time

  • You are not required to attend each month but if you fail to show up for two-three weeks without notice, your spot may be filled.

  • You can supplement your Academy training with SGK. This means, if your child does not attend a week of training in his/her Academy group, they can attend SGK instead.

  • You can attend SGK on a weekly basis.



Per Session: $25

Unlimited Sessions per Month: $75

*Sessions are valid only for the Academy year in which they are purchased (begins and ends in August). Non-refundable.*

If you are supplementing your Academy training then there is no additional fee as long as you are making a total of 4-5 training sessions per month.


SGK Registration