Soccer Genome is proud to now be offering sports performance training. With a variety of different training options within SG FIT, athletes will be able to train based on their needs and their schedule. Individual and group training sessions will be offered as well as sessions that focus specifically on speed, agility, strength, flexibility, balance, injury prevention and even sessions that incorporate technical soccer training along with the focuses listed previously. Like most SG programs, our aim is to provide options that cater to the needs of each and every one of our students while allowing them to train on a tight schedule! 

Individual and Small Groups

Individual sessions will be scheduled based on your child’s busy calendar with one of the many coaches at SG. Each of these diverse coaches will be able to see your child's specific needs through the registration process. As well, our information page below will allow you to see the specialties of each and every one of our coaches in order for you to make sure they are the right fit for your child!

6 Week Summer pre-season intensive

Soccer Genome is providing a 6 week pre-season  sports performance training for middle school and high school athletes centered specifically around their spring season start date.

One area of need that SG FIT seeks to fill is sports performance training that is specific to soccer players and provides technical training as well. The mission is to train each athlete to maximize his/her strength, speed, power, and agility/footwork all while reducing and preventing injuries and providing technical training to keep players sharp.

The program will be developed and coached by Dena Floyd. Having a high level of experience playing and coaching, Dena is able to uniquely combine her soccer expertise with her background and knowledge as a strength & conditioning/sports performance specialist.

Soccer Genome and EXOS will be partnering together to provide the perfect summer and pre-season camp for your middle and high school athletes. Soccer Genome will be providing top level technical and functional training for your soccer athletes while EXOS will test, improve and hone your child’s physical development over the course of the two, 1-week long camps.

SG and EXOS Summer Camp