SG is providing a pre-season sports performance training for middle school and high school athletes centered specifically around their club/school season start date.

SG FIT provides sports performance training that is specific to soccer players and incorporates technical training as well. The mission is to train each athlete to maximize his/her strength, speed, power, and agility/footwork all while reducing and preventing injuries and providing technical training to keep players sharp.

The program will be developed and coached by Dena Floyd. Having a high level of experience playing and coaching, Dena is able to uniquely combine her soccer expertise with her background and knowledge as a strength & conditioning/sports performance specialist.


Program Topics/Demands of Soccer


Soccer taps into all three energy systems (ATP, anaerobic, and aerobic systems), so you must train all three systems.

Strength and Power- Helps improve speed, acceleration and deceleration on field, decreases muscle imbalances, helps fight off opponents, and decreases prevents injury

Speed and Agility

  • Cognitive Speed – Anticipation, recognition, reaction

  • Neuromuscular Speed- Acceleration, deceleration, transition, speed endurance

  • Soccer Specific/Situational Speed- Speed against an opponent, speed with ball,

  • Speed with ball against opponent

Flexibility- Maintaining range of motion prevents and decreases joint pain, prevents and decreases injury, and allows for more mobility in movement

Conditioning- Metabolic training to increase fitness and meet the demands of soccer in order to play a full game at a high level

Recovery Strategies- Allows athletes to train to their full potential and it also prevents overtraining and injuries or sickness. Recovery strategies are composed of training, mental and nutritional strategies

Technical Work- Technical work at the end of each session will help athletes perform while their bodies are tired. This allows students to perform the things they’ve learned throughout the session, in soccer specific environments and create habits to take to the field at the end of tough matches




November 3rd - December 15th

January 5th - February 23rd

Visit  Functional Mini Camps  for technical training!

Visit Functional Mini Camps for technical training!


Soccer Genome

9101 Durant Rd

Raleigh, NC 27616



Cleats, indoor or turf shoes are fine to wear for training. Shin guards are necessary in group sessions. SG has plenty of soccer balls and there are water fountains around the field.

Payment Information

Option 1: Online payment using the payment steps below. 

Option 2: Check payment. Made out to Soccer Genome. Brought/mailed to 9101 Durant Rd

Enrollment Options

Per Session: $45

4 Pack of Sessions: $150

10 Pack of Sessions: $400

Students can attend any session upon registration

Sessions should be pre-paid. If they are not pre-paid, invoices will be sent at the per session rate

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Enrollment Options

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