SG FIT- Individual/Small Group Training


Individual sessions will be scheduled based on your child’s busy calendar with one of the many coaches at SG. Each of these diverse coaches will be able to see your child's specific needs through the registration process. As well, our information page below will allow you to see the specialties of each and every one of our coaches in order for you to make sure they are the right fit for your child!


All sessions will be held in the sports performance space inside our Durant location and will focus on:



Strength and Power- Helps improve speed, acceleration and deceleration on field, decreases muscle imbalances, helps fight off opponents, and decreases prevents injury


Speed and Agility-

  • Cognitive Speed – Anticipation, recognition, reaction

  • Neuromuscular Speed- Acceleration, deceleration, transition, speed endurance


Flexibility- Maintaining range of motion prevents and decreases joint pain, prevents and decreases injury, and allows for more mobility in movement


Conditioning- Metabolic training to increase fitness and meet the demands of soccer in order to play a full game at a high level


Recovery Strategies- Allows athletes to train to their full potential and it also prevents overtraining and injuries or sickness. Recovery strategies are composed of training, mental and nutritional strategies

Policies & Procedures

  • We will schedule 4 or 10 sessions on the same time and day of consecutive weeks

  • Dates that you cannot make should be sent up front and we will schedule around them

  • 4 pack of sessions must be finished in 5 weeks. 10 pack of sessions must be finished in 12 weeks.

  • There are no make up sessions. You will attend a group session if you cannot make a session.

  • If there is a cancellation, parents must let us know via email 24 hours before your session in order to be allowed time in our Academy program. If you do not give the 24 hours to fill the available slot, then this will count as a completed session.

  • Soccer Genome Academy Schedule

  • Please check your email before leaving for your session.  If we need to change/cancel a session we will let you know by email.

  • While the majority of your sessions will be with the same coach Soccer Genome reserves the right to switch the coach if needed.





Dena Floyd - Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays


Dena is a former Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at NC State and Strength/Conditioning Specialist at Stanford University. She designed and directed team strength, agility and conditioning programs at NCSU and Stanford. On top of that she is a former member of the Florida Gators soccer team and member of the W-League and WPSL. Dena is certified and qualified in the following areas. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA). She is also a Level 1 USAW Sports Performance Coach. For personal training she is AFAA certified, and her holds a certification specifically in TRX Suspension Training. In coaching she has her D License from US Soccer Federation, and she is a NCAA Women's Coaches Academy Inductee.


Missy Grant - Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays


Missy Grant is a former All-American tennis player from Auburn University and played on Flagler College's National championship team before transferring to AU. She has over 20 years coaching/teaching experience and initially got into Pilates due to a low back and shoulder injury from competitive tennis. She is an avid runner and mountain biker and loves coaching, training, and inspiring others in gyms, homes, and her own home Pilates/training studio where she trains novices and elite athletes. Missy is Pilates certified, personal fitness trainer certified and TRX certified.


Lindsey DeLorenze - Monday and Wednesdays


Lindsey has always been a competitive soccer player and soccer has been an integral part of her life.  Her passion for soccer is only matched by helping people as a Sports Performance Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist.  Lindsey earned her BS degree in Health Science Education and a MS degree in Muscle Activation Technique and Health and Fitness Business Management. She was the Sports Performance Trainer and Coach for the soccer clubs, Spirit United and Florida Soccer Alliance, in Orlando Florida and worked as a Personal Trainer at RDV Sportsplex for four years.  She worked for Raleigh Orthopedic (Athletic Performance Center) and then moved to Lifetime Fitness spending the past six years managing, educating, and personally training at Lifetime Fitness.

In college she attended and played for N.C. State University before transferring to the University of Florida, She helped the Gators win an SEC championship her junior year and made an appearance in the NCAA tournament.  Post college she played for the Florida Surge WPSL team, where she was an All-Region player and team Captain during her time.

She has over 10 years of coaching experience from coaching at Florida Soccer Alliance and Spirit United in Orlando, Florida, as well as  Apex High School’s Junior Varsity team.

Payment Information

Option 1: Online payment using the payment steps below. 

Option 2: Check payment. Made out to Soccer Genome. Brought/mailed to 9101 Durant Rd


Individual Sessions

4 pack of sessions: $240 ($60/session)

10 pack of sessions: $600 ($60/session)


Small Group Sessions

4 pack of sessions: $140 per player ($35/session)

10 pack of sessions: $350 per player ($35/session)

SG does not form small groups. Parent must coordinate with teammates in order to form small groups

Invoice will be sent once sessions have been scheduled! Register below.


Soccer Genome partners with The Genome Foundation to provide need based player assistance packages to help assist families in need. You can inquire about this opportunity by filling out a scholarship request form at

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Step 2:

SG will shoot you an email confirmation with proposed schedule and further information!