Track Out camp

Soccer Genome has come up with a great program to push students of all skill levels and ages while allowing for fun times to be had by all involved. 3v3 tournaments, reaction games and technical drills are all on the schedule for the week!


Ages 9 and up

Lunches not provided

Weekly and Daily payments



9101 Durant Rd.

Dates can be found on information page below!

MS and HS Summer Day Camps

This a great way to go into a new season full of confidence with polished technique and understanding of the game. On top of that, our athletes will have a day to compete against one another, while coaches focus on the principles taught in the previous 3 days. Coaches at Heritage High School, Taylor Pilkington and Michael Cantrell will be running this camp! Read more about them at on the about page!

MS Girls: June 12th through June 15th

MS Boys: June 19th through June 22nd

HS Boys: July 10th through July 13th

HS Girls: July 17th through July 20th

9:30am - 4pm

9101 Durant Rd

Lunches not provided

Weekly or Daily Payments

SG FIT 6-week Summer Intensive






Soccer Genome is providing a 6 week pre-season  sports performance training for middle school and high school athletes centered specifically around their fall season start date.

One area of need that SG FIT seeks to fill is sports performance training that is specific to soccer players and provides technical training as well. The mission is to train each athlete to maximize his/her strength, speed, power, and agility/footwork all while reducing and preventing injuries and providing technical training to keep players sharp.

The program will be developed and coached by Dena Floyd. Having a high level of experience playing and coaching, Dena is able to uniquely combine her soccer expertise with her background and knowledge as a strength & conditioning/sports performance specialist.

Middle School: 11am-12:30pm

High School/College: 12:30pm-2pm

Full camp or per session payments

Tuesdays and Thursdays

June 13th through July 18th

9101 Durant Rd