Academy 2018-19


August 1st - May 28th


The Soccer Genome Academy program is the primary platform by which we teach players the foundational principles of soccer. SGA is centered around a functional, progressive training curriculum that focuses on principles of play in a functional environment. Each component of SGA will build off the previous lesson. Sessions will progress from foundational technical skills to intricate tactical concepts. From week to week, players will learn the technical and tactical principles of play that will be immediately applicable whether they are playing at home, at the playground with their friends, or with their club team. Once a child understands these functional principles of soccer, it will be much easier for them to apply their technical skill in a game environment and gain confidence on the ball to complement this newly learned tactical knowledge.

First and foremost, we are soccer coaches that strive to teach the game in the most efficient and most involved way possible. However, we eagerly stress the importance of making sure we teach players about life and how to be solid human beings, as well. We lose and win with class. We play until the final whistle blows.

Please come talk to one of us about the program if you have any questions. The program is designed by Taylor Pilkington.

Why Soccer Genome? We are convinced that every child can reach their potential and flourish as athletes and individuals with the proper communication, instruction, and application of knowledge.

How is this achieved? By providing an encouraging environment that cultivates PRIME (Passion, Respect, Integrity, Maturity, Enthusiasm) in the character of each child through the integration and application of technical proficiency and tactical intelligence.


Our aim at Soccer Genome is to have at least two coaches in groups of 10 or more. We feel that this is necessary in order to truly commit time and attention to each individual player. We will find areas of need in each player so please feel free to come talk with us about this and we will be able to communicate these areas to you along with ways to improve.

Our main goal at Soccer Genome is to instill a love and passion for the game that runs deep in each of our coaches. Through the positive attitudes, love of the game and energy of all of our coaches, this feeling will grow and will lead to the best learning environment possible. We feel that this form of learning creates the most growth in each player and we hope that you see this improvement over time.

General Structure

  • Academy sessions will on average, train 4 times each month

  • Each SGA group will have a designated training time and location

  • Each SGA group will be capped at 15 kids

  • SGA groups with more than 10 players will have 2 coaches

  • Each SGA group will be divided by skill level: Green, Grey, then Blue/Black

  • No games just functional training each week

  • Optional off-season tournaments and futsal leagues

Program Information

Birth Year    Age Group

2012           u7

2011           u8

2010           u9

2009           u10

2008           u11

2007           u12

2006           u13



Player Evaluations

Each player will receive an evaluation every Academy year. Evaluations are for athletes that remain in the Academy program throughout the 10 month program. A form will be sent towards the end of the year to schedule time for you and your athlete to discuss their progress over the Academy year with one of their coaches.


SG T-shirts are included for those who attend tryouts in May. SG T-shirts should be worn at all sessions. Additional shirts can be purchased at our facility.


No Training on these dates:

Labor Day- September 3rd

Halloween- October 31st

Thanksgiving- November 20th - 25th

Christmas/New Years- December 22nd- January 2nd

Easter- April 21st


If you have a team that has been previously formed but would like to have SG train and coach that team in the Academy program, please contact

Enrollment Options


August through May: $80 per month


August through September: $85 per month

October through February: $90 per month

March through May: $85 per month


Payment Information


Option 1: Online payment using the payment steps below


Option 2: Check payment. Made out to Soccer Genome. Brought/mailed to 9101 Durant Rd

*If you would like to pay by check, all payments must be made up front for the months you register for. Non-refundable.




Step 1:

Step 2:

Soccer Genome will email you in order to set up an evaluation!

Step 3:

Training Fees

March through May Recurring Payments

or pay by check! 


Step 4:

Come to training!