3v3 Tournaments with SG

SG will be coaching previously formed teams this summer at a number of 3v3 tournaments around the Triangle! Our aim for these tournaments is to compete while keeping the kids’ time fun and energetic. We will focus training and team talks on the importance of patience, quick passing and fluid movements on and off the ball. Although the styles of play will differ slightly, defensive technique is a main focus as teams will be easily broken down with fewer players out on the pitch. Possession soccer is our goal which is not easily attained without time spent together and learning our style of play. Therefore, practice will be held before each tournament, as to unify and structure our teams. We think that this will benefit your child individually and will result in good performances from all of our SG squads.

Available Tournaments:

NCFC 3v3, June 16th

NC 3v3 Championship, July 20th


  • u8-u19

  • Boys and Girls

  • 4-6 players per team

  • Teams must hold at least one practice

  • Teams will wear SG shirt, black shorts and black socks


  • Parents will form teams and register through tournament organizers

  • Parents must handle all tournament registration requirements from tournament organizers

  • Team Manager should then email soccergenome@gmail.com to add their team name to registration through SG

  • Each player will then register individually with SG

  • SG registration fee will include a free t-shirt for game day

  • SG will set up at least one practice and coach each game of the tournament

Payment Information

Option 1: Online payment using the payment steps below. 

Option 2: Check payment. Made out to Soccer Genome. Brought/mailed to 9101 Durant Rd

Practice (1 hour)

$25 per player

Tournament Coaching Fee

$50 per player

Step 1:

Email soccergenome@gmail.com with your team name.

SG will add your team to the registration list.

Step 2:

Step 3:

SG will email your team manager with next steps like scheduling your one required practice, game day information, and payment processing