2v2 Minis Development Series

Our priority as an academy is development. So why not start developing at the earliest stage? Soccer Genome is excited to announce our new program that targets youth development from ages 5-8. During this period, the curiosity and constant need for enjoyment for the sport begins, which provides the perfect opportunity to start developing skills and fueling the passion for soccer. The skills mostly used during this age group are dribbling and shooting. Kids at this age have a more difficult time incorporating teammates and making complex in game decisions. SG sees an opportunity in this by providing an environment where players and teams succeed while players approach the game in a way that makes sense to them!  Children at this age only want to do one thing, SCORE. We see this as a perfect moment to begin fine-tuning and sharpening dribbling and shooting skills, while the kids continue to grow passion and understanding for the game. On top of this, teams sizes of 2v2 will allow students more opportunity to dribble without worrying about mass cluttering on the field. Each student will have tons of time on the ball to allow for growth in dribbling and striking.


This design of this program has been taken from a country that has thrived within youth development for the last decade. Some of the best prospects in all of the world have been coming from Belgium over the last few years. SG is excited to bring new ideas to the US that have been proven to help players develop and fall in love with the beautiful game! 

Age Requirements

5 - 8 years old




Soccer Genome

9101 Durant Rd

Raleigh, NC



June Season

Fridays 5-7pm

4 Games


July Season

Fridays 5-7pm

4 Games


Able to schedule around summer plans! 



Indoor or outdoor cleats

Shin guards




  • 5 and 6 year old division

  • 7 and 8 year old division

  • 2v2 games in a 15x25 yard pitch

  • 3 x 10 minute periods with 3 minute breaks

  • One field player and one butterfly keeper allowed to handle the ball in his defensive 3rd of the field

  • No kick-ins, players dribble the ball in from the line. Players must give person dribbling the ball in at least 3 yards of space

  • No corner kicks

  • Kick ins from the center after a goal. Ball can go forward or backwards




  • Parents are responsible for:

    • Forming rosters of 3-4

    • Emailing soccergenome@gmail.com with team name

    • Providing jerseys for the teams
    • Subbing players in and out (all playing time should be equal)

  • SG is responsible for:

    • One ref/coach at each match

    • Equipment and field set up 

    • Scheduling of games 



NEW Individual Registration

Soccer Genome will place and coach individuals in need of a team

Athletes will be placed on house teams based on their age group.

Playing time will remain equal

Soccer Genome has the right to add subs to teams if need be.


House Team Apparel

Black Shorts, Black socks and grey SG T-shirts are required for all games.

SG T-Shirts: $25

All jerseys can be paid for and picked up before any game 



Payment Information

Option 1: Online payment using the payment steps below. 

Option 2: Check payment. Made out to Soccer Genome. Brought/mailed to 9101 Durant Rd


Per Player Cost for 4 Games


Individual Registration (SG Team) for 4 Games


Step 1:

Email soccergenome@gmail.com with your team name.

SG will add your team to the registration list.


Step 2: 

Have each player on your team use the registration link below

Step 3: 

Online Payment


SG Team ($85)

Other Team ($75)


or pay by check. Made out to Soccer Genome! 

Step 4:

Schedules will be released on May 30th and June 30th